Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ready to be fed!

Something I've always wanted to do is swallow a hot load of cum! I think I'm finally ready to embrace the idea of a huge load spilling out into my throat. I've sucked a lot of cock in my day, but nobody has ever convinced me to swallow. I want Your load. Are you ready to give it tome?

Ready to be fed,
Claire 866-663-6103

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Who needs diamonds?

Who needs diamonds for Valentine's day? Forget the diamonds, I just want you to go down on me! Having a man's tongue move up and down my soft body sends shivers up my spine! I want you to follow me into the bedroom, tear my bra and panties off, and then use my body for your pleasure. Will you go down on me, and fuck me from behind for Valentine's day? I know it's a lot to ask, but I know what a giver you are *smile* Call me, I'm ready to receive your big, fat gift!

Claire 866-663-6103

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Need you tonight

Your girl is stressed out. School, work, out of town guests, last week maxed me out! I need a great call tonight. I need your call babe! You have no idea, I'm so up for it this evening. Right now, I'm sitting here nude, sipping on an ice cold Corona. I was just about to go and soak in the Jacuzzi, but I wanted to get this blog entry posted for you first. I'm hoping that you will see it and want to keep me company. The photos below are for you, to give you an idea of how ripe and ready I am. I really want to hear your sexy voice in my ear while I'm in the hot tub tonight. Don't you want to listen as I grind my pussy up against the jets? I can already feel the hot water on my body, massaging my hard clit. Don't be surprised when you hear how horny I am, I've been looking forward to tonight for a while now. When I hear your voice, instinctively, I begin touching myself. The heat and power from the jets always gets me off hard and fast! Can you imagine me sitting on the deck as you dive into my sweet pussy with your mouth? Your hands and tongue doing things to me, not even jacuzzi jets can? And, of course, you're going to tease me, getting my nipples hard with that ice cold Corona bottle! You are such a bad boy, but I know you can tell by my voice that I love it! When you get me off this hard, there is only one thing I want to do, get you off even harder! I have learned some pretty good water skills for that beautiful COCK, and I am going to demonstrate all of them for you.
I know I'm going to have a mind blowing orgasm tonight, but my Jacuzzi is really big and empty. I need you there. I like having someone to take off my bikini for. I love hearing you cum, it causes my body to convulse with ecstasy. God, call me babe.
XXOO Claire 866-663-6103